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CIC offers news and updates to employers about the latest laws, trends and risks related to hiring, fraud, and drugs or violence in the workplace.

Diploma Mills

Let’s revisit the disturbing reality of Diploma Mills. Unfortunately, they are still a factor to be dealt with and Employers need to be aware of the reality that there might be candidates out there who are attempting to promote themselves as college graduates when, in fact, they are frauds. Be certain of this, the Diploma Mills are here to stay.

Locating Missing Persons

Do you have a Lost and Found folder on your desk? Whether it be a personal request or a business necessity, finding missing persons is just one of the many services that we provide to our clients. For this newsletter, I would like to concentrate on business necessity. Just when does it become a business necessity to find a missing former employee?

Case Study: Missing Persons - Personal

Clients call quite frequently for us to locate people who have become unconnected for various reasons. One such client called to say that her mother had a brief relationship with a man back in 1957 and that she was the result of that relationship. Brought up by her mother and grandmother, she was told that her father was no good, that he had spent some time in prison and that he probably ended up dead.

Case Study: Missing Persons - Professional

We have had the opportunity to help several of our corporate clients meet their fiduciary duties and locate Missing Plan Participants of Terminated Defined Contribution Plans. One such case involved 83 retirees that the company had lost track of.

Guns, Background Checks and Mass Murders

The brutal murder of nine innocent parishioners in an historic Charleston, S.C. church last month had us all stunned. If this event wasn’t tragic enough, we have now heard that it could have been avoided!

Active Shooter: 8 Points of Concern Your Company Must Address

"I'm working in my second floor cubicle when I hear screams from down the stairwell. Then glass breaking and gunshots. The shots sound like *pop* sounds, not like in the movies. I stand up and look over the other cubicles to see co-worker's looking back at me in terror. No one knows what to do, or where to go ..."

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

There is no worse feeling than waking up to check your credit card statement online and finding out that your card has been maxed out by fraudulent charges in another country – or in your own town, for that matter. So many things begin to race through your mind: what do I do now? Who do I call? What other information does this thief have? Am I safe? Could I have prevented this?

Case Study: Electronic Countermeasures

A large manufacturing client engaged us to investigate the theft of some rather expensive gifts that were normally given to honored guests. The ensuing investigation revealed the person who was stealing the gifts. During a search of the employee's office for the stolen gifts, our theft investigators made an unexpected discovery ...

State background-check system flawed and unreliable

According to a recent article in the Columbus Dispatch, "... the computerized background-check system operated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the office of Attorney General Mike DeWine has been troubled for years, sometimes indicating that thousands of criminals have clean records."

Workplace Violence: Plan, Prepare, Protect

April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month and a good reminder to review your policies and the procedures you have in place should you be faced with a work situation that has the potential of turning violent or if there is an Active Shooter situation. If you do not have a workplace violence program, this is a good time to get started!

Case Study: Workplace Violence

It was a week before Christmas. We received a telephone call from one of our manufacturing clients early one morning. In response, I went out to meet with the Plant Manager to discuss what had occurred the previous night.

pre-employment screening fcra adverse action process

In the legal update at the February FAHRA meeting, Eastman & Smith, Ltd. Labor and Employment Attorney, Heidi Hartman, brought to our attention recent lawsuits citing violation of the FCRA - specifically, the Adverse Action Process.

Steve Cotner

I have done a lot of surveillance over my 37 years in business and in law enforcement before that. Anyone who has used someone to make covert observations for them in the past has probably heard an investigator say, “It is certainly not like it is on TV.” This article will take you through some of the real-life aspects of a surveillance.

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